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Goat, Whey 500ml

Goat, Whey 500ml

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Farm Produce

Goat Whey is the most digestible whey protein on the planet. Goat Whey has the highest concentration of branched chain amino acid (BCAAs)

found in any natural food source. Goat Whey when ingested forms a very soft bolus (ball) that is digested with ease in the stomach and small intestine.

Goat Whey can be frozen 
Uses for Whey
1. Substitute whey in any baking recipe that calls for water (or even milk)
2. Use whey to lacto-ferment vegetables, condiments, sauerkraut, chutneys, jams, etc.
3. Use whey to soak grains, Nourishing Traditions style.
4. Use whey to cook pastas, potatoes, oatmeal, or rice.

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