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Kalahari Greens Fresh Herbs, Lemon Grass - 1 stick Supplier: Kalahari Greens.. Product #: Kalahari Greens - 0004 Regular price: N$25.00 N$25.00 10

Fresh Herbs, Lemon Grass - 1 stick

Fresh Herbs, Lemon Grass - 1 stick

Supplier: Kalahari Greens
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 Local Farm Produce 

1 stick of lemongrass

Lemongrass is an herb that is native to Sri Lanka and South India but now grows in many countries around the world.

The plant’s stalks are a common ingredient in Asian cooking, but it is also possible to brew lemongrass to make tea. While most of 

the studies to date on lemongrass tea are small-scale or lab-based, results show that lemongrass tea can help to improve oral health,

lower cholesterol, and relieve bloating. In addition to drinking lemongrass as a tea, people can add the herb into dishes such as soups and stir fries.

There are many benefits of lemongrass tea which include relieving anxiety. Many people find sipping hot tea to be relaxing, but lemongrass tea may

offer further anxiety-reducing properties for example, lowering cholesterol, preventing infection, boosting oral health, relieving pain, boosting red blood cell levels and relieving bloating.

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