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Kalahari Greens Herbs, Red Vein Sorrel 200g Supplier: Kalahari Greens Local Farm Produce.. Product #: Kalahari Greens - 0113 Regular price: N$26.50 N$26.50 10

Herbs, Red Vein Sorrel 200g

Herbs, Red Vein Sorrel 200g

Supplier: Kalahari Greens
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200g of Red Vein Sorrel

Red Vein Sorrel is a very versatile herb that is great in salads and can also be made into a sauce served with fish or chicken; cooked into soup, tarts, and quiches; and sautéed with other leafy greens.

A few ideas for use:

It enhances the flavour of fish and eggs - add a few shreds of finely sliced young leaves at the last moment.

As the leaves get bigger they can be cooked and added to dishes in the same way as spinach, heat dulls the flavour a little so you can add more leaves
without the fear of making the dish too tart.

In mid summer when the leaves are large it can be wrapped around joints of meat such as pork or chicken, or whole fish such as salmon or mackerel for baking.

It acts as a tenderiser as well as a flavouring, to brown the meat - remove the leaves 30 minutes before the end of cooking time.

Sorrel puree is really easy to make, just take a handful of washed leaves and remove the mid-ribs. Still wet, place into a small pan with some
melted butter. The leaves melt down almost immediately to give a lemony puree which tastes great with fish or eggs. A little cream can be added if
you wish. This puree freezes well, so make it when you have a glut of sorrel for winter use.

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