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Please bear in mind that our farmers are experiencing challenging times with the heavy rainfall therefore fresh produce is subject to availability. Please do not hesitate to call us on 081 259 9027 should you have a change in schedule or any queries! Stay healthy, happy and safe! - Your Organic Box Team 😎

Specials of the Week

Barker and Quin, Ginger Ale - 4 x 200ml

Supplier: Kaleidoscope Marketing 

Pack of 4 x 200ml Barker and Quin Ginger Ale in a glass bottle

Ingredients: Carbonated Spring Water, Cane Sugar, Citric Acid, Malic Acid & Natural Ginger


Beef, Brisket 1kg

Supplier: Organic Box

Local Farm Product

1kg Beef Brisket


Butter, salted - 500g

Supplier: Windpomp Dairies

Local Dairy Farm


KETO, Chicken and Green Beans, 1-2 Portions

Supplier: Francia's Kitchen

Home made frozen Keto convenience meal

Serving size: 1 - 2 Portions


Parsnip / Pastinake 1kg

Supplier: Kalahari Greens

Local Farm Produce

The high fiber content of parsnips may help maintain regularity and reduce blood cholesterol levels. Parsnips also provide potassium and vitamin C and B6/Folate, boast anti-inflammatory properties and anti-fungal properties.

*** LAST OF THE SEASON ***     * subject to availability *


Quark, German Smooth Cottage Cheese 250g

Supplier: Bellissima

Certified Organic Farm

Farm Product

A tasty smooth take on the German Smooth Cottage Cheese.


TrulyGood Carrot Wraps (4)

Supplier: Truly Good

TrulyGood Carrot Wraps are made from fresh vegetables, almond flour and mature cheddar cheese. They are low in carbs and calories and full of natural goodness.

These Wraps are gluten and grain free and we’ve been careful not to add empty calories or nasty additives.

One Wrap = 79 Calories & 2.2 grams of Carbs


Watermelon, min 8kg

Supplier: Kalahari Farm

Local Farm Produce

Watermelon is rich in an amino acid called citrulline that may help move blood through your body and can lower your blood pressure. Your heart also enjoys the perks of all the lycopene watermelon contains. Studies show that it may lower your risk of heart attacks.

* subject to availability *