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Specials of the Week

Apples, 4 pieces

Supplier: Citi Produce

4 Apples


Butter, salted - 500g

Supplier: Windpomop Dairies


Cape Lemon - 4 x 200ml

Supplier: Barker and Quin


Chilli Paste, Hot - 180ml

Supplier: BEST


Droewors, Beef- 500g

Supplier: Kwetu


Grapefruit, Ruby EACH +-500g

Supplier: Vossi's

Local Farm Produce


Honey, Raw Cape Honey 500g

Supplier: Organic Box

500g of 100% pure Raw Cape Honey SQUEEZE


Pesto - Greek 125ml

Supplier: Thyme to Rocket


Skin Rescue Kit - 5 x 10ml

Supplier: Baocare

Baobab oil is generally known for its regenerative abilities. It is excellent for softening skin and helping heal any imperfections due to its antioxidants, ample amounts of vitamin A, B, and C, along with omega 3, 6, and 9 fatty acids. It also contains magnesium, potassium, and calcium.